The Common Daisy Farm Project
We need you to help us grow!


Our vision

We have a vision and it’s simple, we want to produce home grown seasonal cut flowers to use in our displays for weddings, events and also to supply independent shops and florists.

With limited outdoor space at our home in Haworth we have been searching high and low for private land to cultivate our own cut flowers for Common Daisy, drastically lowering our carbon footprint and reducing our needs to source flowers from elsewhere. With little success from our tiresome search for land an idea has been born taking us in a new and exciting direction enabling us to engage more with our local community.

With the help of our neighbours across Haworth allowing us to access their garden or land, we will be able to create designated horticultural zones in which we can finally grow our own flowers from bulbs, seedlings, corms and young plants.

The benefits

We want the Common Daisy Farm Project to be mutually beneficial for the well-being of those who are willing to help us by embracing this project and for the environment rich in it’s heritage that surrounds us. Our ‘micro-farms’ will attract more pollinators to gardens and yards across the district as well as helping to reduce pollutants from the air. Not only are the environmental benefits very rewarding, but playing your part and having access to a well used and productive garden is a great mood enhancer. We want our flower beds to bring you as much joy as they bring us, filling you with pride and excitement as they grow and establish in your garden ready for us to harvest each season and for the cycle to continue.

Can you help? Maybe you’re unable to keep on-top of your once loved garden or you don’t know what to do with your garden or unused land. You might simply be as passionate about the project as we are and want to get involved. Help us make our vision a reality and together we can help each other. We will offer seasonal rewards to any folk who can help us out.

What’s in it for you?

  • We take care of everything, from creating a designated growing zone to maintaining our crop.

  • We’re happy to negotiate an annual fee if you have a larger site to offer.

  • Seasonal rewards and discount on our products / services.

To apply and for more information please fill the form below.

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Through spring and summer we will need to keep a close eye on our farms to ensure healthy growth and a successful crop for the end of the season. If you prefer to be hands off, we'll need regular access for as little as 10 minutes to 2 hours dependent on the development of the produce.
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